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Hey my man, why don't you break me off some o that ass shakin funky shit

Gather round my brothas and sistas as I tell you the tale
Of a Maverick that rode into town on a horse named GREATNESS
The baddest man in town who came here to put the economy on it's back
and put his boot up the ass of our enemies.
Champion of Foreign policy, popper of bottles in da club
Talkin bout my man John McCain

Cause it's John McCain
It's John McCain
Got tortured in Vietnam, don't you wanna see what he can do he's John
Johnny boy...Johnny Boy McCain CAIN

Grab your partner do cee do
Its the McCain hoedown yippee yo

Light your pipe and pick your strings get out the way for John McCain

Heel and Toe and Do cee do
It's techno John McCain

John McCain will make you dance
And all the ladies squirt their pants
John Ma-Cain my friends (x4)
Take the blue pill
Take the red pill
Ladies and gentleman
in the VIP room I would like to thank John McCain
When he's not saving the economy or crushing the Cong
He's in the club, the VIP room
partying his gargantuan patriotic balls off
So get on the train or get outta the way
We're all just raisin McCain

We're all just raisin McCain
Everywhere across the USA
So get on the train or get outta the way
We're all just raisin McCain
John McCain

As a maverick I got my taste in jazz
I appreciate a lick or two
From Hannoi, tortured as a baby boy
Black and Blue
I'm gonna rip off some dirty jazz shit for you
La bap bap bap bap
I just improv'd you
told ya I was a maverick

Grandpa you wanna talk about torture, are you making waffles again?
You may be a hero of modern American times
but you're no hero of the waffle iron gramps you silly goose
so pour yourself a glass a milk and sit back in your favorite chair
watch your favorite episode of matlock and let me make the waffles
ya silly grandpa you

Cause it's John McCain
It's John McCain


from Debaucherous Adventure, released March 8, 2011



all rights reserved


The Global Warming Extravaganza Tampa, Florida

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