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Initiate riff

I'm a lonely robot
All I want is a friend

I am the best guitar playing robot in the galaxy
Feeble outdated robot, I've been programmed to shred and have been sent here by my HU-MAN
creator to replace you! I challenge you to a shred-off and the loser will be sold for SCRAPS!

I accept your challenge Bap ba da baaa

Look at you shredding with your two arms like a HU-MAN I will use FOUR

I think you should check your oil, you sound a little rusty

Is your CPU capabe of computing this advanced shredding Beep boop bap

My robot grandmother shreds faster than that aaahahahaha

HU-MAN Eddie Van Halen tapped like that long before the robot invasion of earth!

If we join forces we can defeat the remaining HU-MANS

Disengage Me-tal riff


from Debaucherous Adventure, released March 8, 2011



all rights reserved


The Global Warming Extravaganza Tampa, Florida

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