The Global Warming Extravaganza

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The Global Warming Extravaganza:




John Redneck:

Man, sure as shit I understand what that Global Warming thing was…and I used to think that Al Gore was a fucking faggot, I was like “that boys from Tennessee and he’s gonna fucking preach at me and do what?” But turns out faggot liberals aren’t really faggots….

I’ve gone hip
I’ve gone green
And this motherfucker is about to go crazy
What it is…is
You take a shoe
Throw it in the river for about a couple of weeks
That’s Global Warming

Chapter 1: The Willfully Ignorant

BAMM Global Warming
Say spray your hairspray can
And toss a plastic bottle in the fire…YEA!!!
Do an 8-ball burn your tires
The liberals are fucking liars
Oh man

Ba Ba Ba Barrack Hussein Obama man
That niggaz’ the sauce dawg
If he came on a fucking cracker id eat it
That niggaz’ the shiz-nit


Aww you Americans should be more like us French
We drive hybrid cars…so should you!!!
You’re too busy sitting around eating transitional fats and producing garbage
You Americans are such Garbage (Burp)


Fat and slow we inject mayonnaise in our veins (burp)
Fat and slow we’re eating deep fried gravy cakes
Eating deep fried gravy cakes!!
Fat and slow we give the ozone monkey brains
Give the ozone monkey brains!!
Give the ozone monkey brains!!

-After eight slices of gravy cake Al Gore blasted off to The Moon-

The Mysterious Moon People:

Al Gore we are the people of the moon
We foresee devastation
On your planet Earth
Make a PowerPoint
Instruct the people
Or it will eat you A-L-I-V-E

Al Gore:

Well what am I supposed to do I’m just a good ol’ boy from Tennessee
I don’t even know about your PowerPoint how am I supposed to tell all the folks what they pay to hear
The planets burning and if we don’t change our ways then we’ll all burn too
Gotta reduce, carbon production.
Gotta drive hybrid cars so the ozone doesn’t go away

Chapter 2: The Willfully Enlightened

Let’s Go Green
It’s not as faggy as it seems
Let’s Go Green (YEA)
It’s not as faggy as it seems

Floating away on an island so clear
The ice caps are melting our time is near
But don’t you be worried you young little boy
Al Gore’s got mushrooms and a fancy new toy
Global Warming is no superstition
Glenn Beck’s vagina has carbon emissions
Come follow me if you want to survive
That badass Al Gore will save you from dying
Oh no what was that (ehhhhhhh)
Global Warming (No)
Its coming to get us


Al Gore makes the ladies spread their cheeks out wide
Then they grind ‘em side to side
Like plate tectonics
Hot like the lava flowing out and shit
Oh shit
Al Gore rhymes shit with shit

Moonpeople revealed:

Shred the ozone shut
This is a bust
The Global Warming begins
His DC-8 is here

The Prophecy of 2012??!!
In 2012 a new breed of reptile will rise to power bringing humanity to its knees
Written down on Tibetan scrolls…
Cast away the teachings of Al Gore and celebrity Scientologists…BEWARE
Xenu is alive and well…
The teachings of Gore will prove feeble and insignificant as reptiles laugh at humanity
He has come to bring us hell…
Remember, Global Warming is a lie told by shape shifting reptilians like


The Global Warming Extravaganza
You!!! Don’t!!! Know!!!!
Because you’re already dead
The Global Warming Extravaganza
You!!! Don’t!!! Know!!!!
Because you’re already dead

You’re already dead!!!
You’re Dead
You’re already dead!!!


from Debaucherous Adventure, released March 8, 2011



all rights reserved


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